Continuous High Vacuum Brazing Furnace

The equipment is a continuous contact vacuum brazing furnace with three rooms and five working positions, which realizes continuous intelligent operation, automatictransfer between working positions, automatic pressing during heating process, compact structure, high vacuum degree(ultimate vacuum degree:6.7×10Pa),short production rhythm, high efficiency and energy saving, excellent brazing product quality and good performance.

Technical Data

1.Full automatic control, multi parameter recording, touch screen man-machine.

2. Perfect linkage interlock protection and fault alarm systerm, effectively protect the safety of personne land equipment.


Note:The size and configuration can be customized.


It is used for Ni, Cu, Ag, Ti and other welding material, brazing of stainless steel, carbon steel, red cooper, high temperature alloy, titanium alloy and the vacuum brazing of aluminum heat exchanger, radar planar antenna and other aluminum alloy components.


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