Our company is located in Shanghai, the center of China's economy and technology. It has large-scale modern standard plant, complete set of processing equipment and perfect quality inspection system. It has gathered a number of technical elites who have been engaged in the manufacture and service of heat treatment furnace, vacuum furnace and special furnace for a long time.

Main products:

Vacuum Sintering Furnace:

Vacuum sintering is the process of forming a single mass from multiple components, typically powder, by heat and/or pressure without melting the base materials to the point of liquefaction. It is imperative that the sintering atmosphere be clean enough to prevent oxidation, otherwise the surfaces of the powder are not clean enough to bond to each other. This makes vacuum the ideal atmosphere for sintering.As in annealing, brazing, and stress relieving, vacuum sintering may assure the parts remain bright at the outset.Precise temperature control is paramount in sintering and most of the time the temperature is higher than typical heat treating processes.


Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace:

Vacuum heat treatment is a comprehensive technology combining vacuum technology with heat treatment, which refers to all and part of the heat treatment process in a vacuum. Vacuum heat treatment furnace has high thermal efficiency, can achieve rapid heating and cooling, can achieve no oxidation, no decarbonization, no carburization, can remove the surface of the workpiece phosphorus chip, and degreasing and degassing, so as to achieve a bright surface purification effect.


Laboratory Furnace:

A laboratory furnace is an essential part of any lab as it performs many important functions. Laboratory Vacuum Furnace also called a Table Top (Bench Type) Furnace, Ash Furnace, Chamber Furnace, Muffle Furnace or Tube Furnace, is basically composed of an electronic temperature control unit, electrically operated heating elements, heater inner chamber and isolation sections. The working principle is based on heating the air inside the furnace with the help of heating elements.


Continuous Furnace:

Continuous furnaces are used for heating metal billets prior to pressure treatment, for heat-treating items and parts, and for firing ceramic- and enamel-coated metal objects.


Industrial Autoclave:

An industrial autoclave is a hollow, cylindrical vessel with a door at one end. It uses high temperature, high pressure, vacuum and heat to process a wide variety of materials, including wood and rubber.


Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) Furnace:

The working principle of the hot isostatic press is a process in which the temperature and pressure are uniformly applied to the treated parts in the sealed ultra-high pressure vessel according to Pascal principle, so that their performance is obviously better than that of other methods. The pressure medium is usually argon and nitrogen. 

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