Values of Haoyue

After Sales Service

The entire system of the machine is guaranteed for one year, and spare parts and components are provided at a lifetime cost; During the warranty period, if there are any quality issues with the equipment, our company solemnly promises to be responsible for free maintenance and replacement of parts (except for faults caused by improper use by Party A or other human factors)

Technical Support

During the warranty period, if the equipment malfunctions (excluding vulnerable parts), our company will reply within 2 hours. If there is a malfunction that the demand party cannot repair, our company promises to send technical personnel to the site within 48 hours and solve the problem within 72 hours; Our company provides 6 months of user follow-up and maintenance; At the same time, on-site training, simple troubleshooting, and in-depth technical discussions are provided to ensure that equipment users can master the usage techniques.

Training Plan

During the installation and debugging process of the equipment, provide necessary operation and maintenance skills training to the equipment users of the demand side; After training, the technical personnel of the demand side can independently and correctly operate the equipment, and can determine the cause of faults and perform simple repairs.