Experience Centre

Experience Centre

Shanghai Haoyue Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of electric furnaces.

Our material technology and thermal equipment experiment center has different types of thermal equipment, which can meet the test needs of customers for different process requirements, such as: vacuum hot pressing sintering multifunctional furnace, SPS spark plasma sintering system, etc., atmosphere sintering Furnace, hydrogen reduction furnace.

01Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace

Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace

Maximum sintering temperature: 2000℃

Furnace working area size: φ 120×250 mm (diameter×height)

Thermal vacuum degree: 8.0×10-3Pa

Processable product diameter: φ50mm

Maximum pressure: 10T

01Vacuum Hot-pressing Sintering Furnace

Vacuum Hot-pressing Sintering Furnace

Maximum sintering temperature: 2000℃

Vacuum hot pressing work area size: φ160×160 mm (diameter×height)

Vacuum sintering work area size: 160×160×160mm (width×height×length)

Ultimate vacuum: 8.0×10-3Pa

01Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Maximum sintering temperature: 1800℃

Heat Area Size: 300 × 300 × 1200 mm (width × height × length)

Ultimate Vacuum: 8.0×10-3Pa(8.0×10-5 torr)

Max.Power: 90KW

Custom Solution

It is true that we cannot be experts in all professional fields, but years of professional experience ensure that we can provide solutions for complex processes.

For you, we will transform every new challenge into an economical and innovative solution. Our experts come from different fields and are your reliable and capable partners. They have years of experience in heat treatment in the industry, and these experience should be included in your solutions.

Focus on Benefits

We have established our successful brand based on the quality and reliability of the equipment. We are customer-centric, combine theory and practice, and establish a complete sales network and convenient after-sales service. In our application of efficiency and economy to project work, design, materials and processes, as well as calculation and control technology, this is our strength.

Own heat treatment center for process development and testing

From laboratory test results to large-scale production, this is not a simple multiplication problem, because a suitable test-run equipment is relatively expensive and requires many parameters. In order to accurately obtain various parameters for production, 2019 We established a heat treatment center at the beginning of the year.

In this way, we can carry out small series production, process development, sampling, and if necessary, we can also find out how to seamlessly transition to large-scale product production. In this way, project operations can be carried out more efficiently and economically, even for demanding projects.


  • Q: Are you a factory?

    A: Yes, we are a professional technology company that develops and manufactures vacuum furnaces. There are 12 people in the technology research and development team and 65 people in the equipment production department. The technology research and development team has 3 expert professors and 5 senior engineers. We have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the vacuum equipment industry.

  • Q: Do you have customization or OEM service?

    A: We can provide the regular and standard model sizes, at the same time, we can customize furnaces as product, work piece size, and temperature requirement. Meanwhile, we offer OEM service under the strict industrial standard.

  • Q: What kind of quality standard dose you furnace follow?

    A: We passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2015, and strictly customize products according to customer needs to ensure that each equipment index and configuration can meet or exceed customer needs. And our company has a quality inspection department. Before the equipment leaves the factory, there will be a test of the equipment appearance and technical Indications.

  • Q: Can you serve customer oversea like installation and debugging?

    A: Yes, we will send an installation engineer to the customer to install, debug and inspect the equipment at the customer’s site, and we will provide relevant personnel with equipment training, including equipment operation, maintenance, inspection and maintenance. In addition, there are equipment floor plans, equipment manuals, equipment maintenance manuals, electrical schematic diagrams, and equipment wearing parts drawing accompanying the equipment.

  • Q: Do you have technical support for the products vacuum treatment?

    A: Yes, our engineers will analyze your products according to the size, material and technical requirements you offered, then give you professional technical support. At present, we have powerful technical reserve about vacuum sintering, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum degreasing so that we could provide the customer with mature technical support.