G series Gas pressure Horizontal type Sintering Furnace

Good Temperature Uniformity / Fast Heating Rate / Good Safety Performance /Controllable Organizational Structure

The pressure sintering furnace series includes positive pressure dewaxing, vacuum dewaxing, vacuum sintering, partial pressure sintering, and pressure sintering, Integrating functions such as knot, atmosphere control, and cooling. This product is a cycle operation type, suitable for nitriding, Sintering materials such as silicon ceramic balls and ceramic cutting tools in a high-pressure nitrogen or argon atmosphere is beneficial for Increase the sintering density of materials and improve their mechanical properties. Multiple loading designs enable loading and unloading to be coordinated with maintenance work is more convenient. The entire process is automatically controlled.

Technical Data

Horizontal design makes loading, unloading, and maintenance work more convenient. Automatic control of the entire process;

Good temperature uniformity: Adopting a special furnace liner structure and heater layout, the furnace temperature uniformity is good;

Good degreasing effect: using a special structure degreasing box, the sealing e˜ect is good, and the degreasing is completely on the inside of the furnace components are pollution-free;

Multi functional: equipped with vacuum sintering, pressure sintering, negative pressure degreasing and other functions;

Good design optimization: The thermal ÿeld of the heating chamber has been simulated and calculated in thermal state, with very high temperature uniformity. The conÿgured heating elements and insulation layer are designed with modular optimization;

High safety: equipped with fault alarms such as over temperature and over pressure, mechanical automatic pressure protection, and mutual action Lock and other functions;

High equipment safety: The equipment can be equipped with a degreasing system to achieve one-time degreasing and sintering treatment of ceramic products.

G series Gas pressure Horizontal type Sintering Furnace


HeaterStructureLoadingChamber Size  (mm)Gas Pressure (MPa)Ultimate Vaccum (Pa)Operating temperature  (°C)
G3GR20PHSgr-30/30/90-2000GRHorizontalSide Loading 300*300*900610Pa2000
G4GR20PHSgr-40/40/120-2000GRHorizontalSide Loading400*400*12006/1010Pa2000
G5GR20PHSgr-50/50/180-2000GRHorizontalSide Loading 500*500*18006/1010Pa2000


Under high-pressure protective atmosphere conditions, ceramics (such as silicon carbide, zirconia, alumina, silicon nitride, etc.) and metal materials (such as hard alloys) are subjected to hot isostatic pressing sintering treatment, which is also suitable for pilot batch production in colleges and research institutions. Suitable for sintering materials such as silicon nitride ceramic balls and ceramic cutting tools in a high-pressure nitrogen or argon atmosphere. Beneficial for increasing the sintering density of materials and improving their mechanical properties.

G series Gas pressure Horizontal type Sintering Furnace


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