G series Vertical Gas Pressure Furnace

The furnace structure of the differential pressure impregnation equipment mainly consists of the furnace body, upper heating insulation system, lower heating insulation system, mold and lifting pipe (provided by the customer), operating platform, straight rail lifting mechanism, bottom lifting mechanism, operating vehicle, fast cooling pipeline, atmosphere control device, temperature measurement device, water cooling system, vacuum system, etc. The melting chamber is fixed in the lower heating chamber, and the melting is stacked on the oil cylinder lifting platform of the lower furnace cover. It is lifted by the oil cylinder: the lower furnace cover is locked by the gear ring driven by a motor or hydraulic cylinder, and lifted by a screw lifting method. When the equipment is in operation, the storage yard containing the molten liquid is first transported to the material platform of the lower furnace cover by the operating vehicle, and the lower furnace cover is lifted and locked against the furnace body. Place the mold into the upper heating chamber through a straight rail lifting mechanism, insert the lifting pipe into the middle hole of the middle partition, and use a motor or hydraulic cylinder to push the gear ring to lock the upper furnace cover. Vacuum the furnace body to the specified vacuum degree.

Heat the upper and lower heating chambers until the specified temperature is reached. After the materials in the melting ground have completely turned into liquid, the lower furnace cover lifting oil cylinder rises and inserts the lifting pipe into the aluminum liquid. The lifting pipe mouth is inserted 15-20mm away from the bottom of the pile to stop vacuuming, and nitrogen is filled into the furnace to 9.8MPa. After holding the pressure for a period of time (according to the customer's process), the upper and lower heating chambers stop heating. The temperature drops below 600C and the pressure is released to normal pressure (according to the customer's process). Nitrogen is introduced to quickly cool down. The upper furnace cover is opened and the mold is taken out, and another set of mold is placed. The melting yard descends to the bottom, the lower furnace cover is opened, and the lower furnace cover is lowered to the bottom. The vehicle is operated to take it out. After reloading on the ground, put it into the lower furnace.

Technical Data

1. The equipment is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of class 3 pressure vessel standards, and 16MnR or 304 furnace shell is adopted.

2. The door lock of the furnace is a bolt or tooth meshed quick release flange, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

3. The furnace cover is lifted and lowered by electro-hydraulic method, which is easy to operate and reduces labor intensity.

4. The insulation material in the furnace is carbon deposition composite hard felt, and the heating element is graphite imported from Germany.

5. The temperature measuring element adopts the ultra-high temperature protective tube developed by our company, which is matched with tungsten rhenium thermocouple, and the service life of thermocouple wire is up to half a year.

6. The control system is plc+ touch screen, with complete safety interlock protection and alarm functions.

7. The high-pressure valves and pipelines are all American "Swagelok" brand or equivalent imported products, which are safe and reliable.

G series Vertical Gas Pressure FurnaceG series Vertical Gas Pressure Furnace


HeaterStructureLoadingChamber Size  (mm)Gas Pressure (MPa)Ultimate Vaccum (Pa)Operating temperature  (°C)
G3VGR20PVSgr-30/50-2000GRVerticalBottom  Loading 300*5001010Pa2000
G5VGR20PVSgr-50/80-2000GRVerticalBottom  Loading500*8006/1010Pa2000
G7VGR20PVSgr-70/250-2000GRVerticalTop/Bottom Loading 700*25006/1010Pa2000


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