R series Vacuum Rotary Furnace (Batch Type)

Good Temperature Uniformity / Fast Heating Speed /Convenient Operation / Good Safety Performance

This batch rotary kiln of HaoyueTechnology uses high-quality resistance wire asthe heating element and adoptsadouble-layershelljunction structure, 30-stage programmed temperature control system, phase shift trigger,thyristor control,furnace using imported high-purity oxygen Aluminium polycrystalline   ber material, double-layerfurnace shell is equippedwith an air cooling system,whichcanquickly raise andfallthe temperature High-purity 310S stainless steeltube,the furnace has a balanced temperature field, low surface temperature,fast temperature rise and fall rate, Energy saving and other advantages.

The rotary kiln adopts international advancedtechnology and can open the rotaryfurnace type. It is mainly aimed at mixing powders. When the instrument is running,the furnace tube can rotate 360°, and the furnace body can betilted, and the tilt angle can be reached 0.5-6°,which can increase the uniformity of powder sintering, so it is especially suitable for the sintering of lithium battery materials reaction sintering ofother compounds, etc.The diameter of this rotary furnace is optional, andthe heatingzone can be customized.

Technical Data

Compact structure, simple operation andeasy maintenance;

 High precision of atmosphere control and automatic temperature control;  Adopt dynamic sintering method to greatly improve thermal efficiency;  Complete exhaust gastreatment system;

 Special metal liner, corrosion resistant;

 PLC control,touch screenfor human-computer interaction;

 Fully sealed structure, small amount of protective gas.

R series Industrial Grade Vacuum Rotary Furnace (Batch Type)


No.ModelHeaterFormChamber Size(mm)Operating temperature(℃)Tube MaterialHeating Power(kW)
VRSa-27.3/50-1000Resistance WiresBatch273*5001000SUS310S18
R4A10VRSa-40/60-1000Resistance WiresBatch400*6001000SUS310S27
R8A10VRSa-80/600-1000Resistance WiresBatch800*60001000SUS310S157


Applicable materials: lithium battery cathode and anode materials, magnetic materials, nano materials and other powder materials.

Special equipmentfor preparing graphite anode materials,whichcan be used as secondary ring equipment.


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