R series Continuous Rotary Furnace

Good Temperature Uniformity / Fast Heating Speed /High Production Efficiency / Good Safety Performance

This continuous rotary furnace of Haoyue Technology uses high-quality resistancewire as the heating element, adopts double-layershell structure, 

30-stage programmed temperature control system, phase shifttrigger,thyristor control, the furnace is made of imported high-purity alumina polycrystallineber material, and the double-layer furnace shell is equipped with an air-cooling system, which can quickly raise and fall the temperature, and adopts high-purity 310s stainless steeltube, which has the advantages of balanced temperatureeld, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall rate, and energy saving.

The rotary kiln adopts international advanced technology, mainly for the mix edring of powder,the furnace tube can rotate 360° when the instrument is running, and the furnace body can betilted,the inclination angle can reach 0.5-6°, which can increasethe uniformity ofpowder sintering, so it is especially suitable for the sinteringoflithium battery materials and the reaction sintering ofother compounds.The diameter of this rotary furnace is optional, and the heating zone can be customized.

Technical Data

Compact structure, simple operation and easy maintenance;

High precision atmosphere control, automatic temperature control;

Adopting dynamic sintering method to significantly improve thermal efficiency;

Specially made metal liner, corrosion-resistant;

PLC control and touch screen for human-machine interaction;

Fully sealed structure, low amount of protective gas used;

Continuous production and significant increase in production capacity;

Adopting dynamic sintering method, there is no overburning or entrainment phenomenon. High automation program: If an automatic loading and unloading system is selected, all processes can be fully automated, digitized, intelligent, and without the need for manual intervention.

R series Continuous Rotary Furnace


No.ModelHeaterDevice FormChamber Size(mm)Operating Temperature()Tube MaterialsHeating Power(kW)
R2CA9.5ACSa-27.3/240-950Resistance WiresContinuous273*2400950SUS310S27
Resistance Wires
R6CA9.5ACSa-60/600-950Resistance WiresContinuous600*6000950Nickel-based Alloys160
R13CA9.5ACSa-130/1300-950Resistance WiresContinuous1300*13000950SUS321330


Sintered nanomaterial without significant grain growth

FGM (Functionally Graded Materials)


Composite materials


Innovative carbide metals


Aluminum and copper alloys as well as intermetallic compounds


Structural and functional ceramics


Electronic Materials


Sputtering target material


Bioma materials

Porous materials

Magnetic materials



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