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Well type furnace is a periodic operation furnace, which is suitable for heat treatment of rod and long shaft parts. The structure of the shaft furnace is: the furnace body is a cylindrical deep well, and the workpieces are vertically loaded into the furnace by a special crane for heating. The fuel used is usually gas and fuel oil. When electricity is used as heat source, it is called well type resistance furnace. Well type furnace is generally placed below the ground level of the workshop, or above or below the ground level. Well furnace Name: forced convection well furnace, natural convection well furnace, well gas carburizing furnace.

Technical Data

Technical Features

The shell of this series of electric furnace is welded with steel plate and section steel. It is welded with section steel and steel plate. Through soft contact with furnace lining and sand sealing mechanism, the heat radiation and convection loss can be reduced, and the sealing of furnace body can be effectively guaranteed. The furnace lining adopts full fiber structure, which can save about 30% energy compared with brick furnace. Long fiber blanket is used as raw material, and there is a certain amount of compression in the processing process. After the completion of masonry, each ceramic fiber block expands in different directions, so that the modules are squeezed into a whole without gaps, achieving good heat storage effect. Moreover, the product is convenient and fast in construction, and can be directly fixed on the furnace The stainless steel anchor pin of the furnace shell steel plate. Compared with other products, it has the advantages of low heat conduction, low heat capacity, excellent corrosion performance, excellent thermal stability, thermal shock resistance and thermal insulation, and the anchor is set on the cold side of the furnace body to improve the high temperature resistance of the fiber.


Max temp.950℃950℃950℃950℃
Working temp.900℃900℃900℃900℃
Chamber size(WxHxL)mmφ900×1200φ1600×2000φ2000×2500φ2500×3000
External size(WxHxL)mm2380×2450×22002980×2950×28003200×3850×29003650×4250×3200
Max loading(kg)1000200025003500
Temperature control instrumentHMI+PLCHMI+PLCHMI+PLCHMI+PLC
Heating elementResistance bandResistance bandResistance bandResistance band
Max power100kw180kw260kw320kw
Insulation power(empty furnace)50kw90kw120kw150kw

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The structure of the whole fiber well furnace shell is similar to that of the general well furnace, and the furnace lining is insulated by high-purity ceramic fiber high-voltage module. The heating element adopts the widened 0cr27al7mo2 resistance belt, with long service life design, high heating efficiency, good thermal insulation performance, and continuous production without fracture. The electric heating and mechanical action of the shaft furnace are all interlocked. The lifting mechanism is equipped with limit switch. The power supply can only be connected when the furnace cover is closed. The control power supply can be cut off immediately by the time limit switch when the furnace cover is opened to ensure safe operation. All fiber well furnace is equipped with high precision process curve automatic temperature control cabinet, with uniform upper and lower temperature zones.

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