V series Vacuum Furnace (Molybdenum )

This vacuum molybdenum strip furnace is a vacuum resistance furnace that uses molybdenum strips as heating elements, mainly used in ceramics. High temperature sintering and annealing of hard alloys, composite materials, metal materials, etc. in vacuum or protective atmosphere. Fire and brazing

can also be used for high-temperature heat treatment of metal materials under high vacuum conditions or precious metals. Degassing treatment of materials.

Technical Data

Adopting a horizontal and side opening door structure: high loading and unloading accuracy, easy operation;

Fast heating: heating rate of 10°C/minute (˛1600°C);

Good temperature uniformity: The average temperature uniformity is ±3°C (5-point temperature measurement, constant temperature zone 1000°C insulation for 1 hour before detection);

Adopting multi temperature zone control: reserving multiple temperature measurement holes for high-temperature monitoring purposes;

Good safety performance: Adopting HMI+PLC+PID pressure sensing control, safe and reliable;

Good design optimization: The heating chamber's thermal ÿeld has been simulated and calculated under thermal conditions, with very high temperature uniformity and compatibility. The heating elements and insulation layer are designed with modular optimization;

Fast cooling speed: optional with a fast cooling system under a gas pressure of 2bar-10bar to ensure hot pressing of the workpiece, fast cooling after completion and effecient operation;

Strong scalability: capable of sintering, brazing, annealing, degreasing, deoxidation, degassing, reduction, etc.

V series Industrial Grade Vacuum Furnace (Molybdenum )


Chamber Size(mm)Ultimate Vacuum (Pa)Operating Temperature(℃)Applications
V5MO13VHSmo-40/40/60-1300500*500*7006.7x10-41300Sintering /Annealing/Brazing/Degassing/Degreasing
V6MO13VHSmo-60/60/90-1300600*600*9006.7x10-41300Sintering /Annealing/Brazing/Degassing/Degreasing
V7MO13VHSmo-60/60/90-1300700*700*10006.7x10-41300Sintering /Annealing/Brazing/Degassing/Degreasing
V8MO13VHSmo-80/80/120-1300800*800*12006.7x10-41300Sintering /Annealing/Brazing/Degassing/Degreasing

Optional 1400  solution


High vacuum molybdenum strip furnace is mainly used for non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys. Sintering, annealing, vacuum brazing, degassing and other processes for materials such as hard alloys.


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