G series Gas pressure sintering furnace

Gas pressure sintering refers to the sintering process first carried out under low pressure, followed by sintering the material to reach a fatigue state under normal pressure, and then sintering under high pressure (the result is to further increase the fatigue state of the material and quickly eliminate stress in the material). After the high-temperature and high-pressure sintering process, the material's mechanical properties (hardness, strength, toughness, etc.) are superior to ordinary sintering processes in all aspects.

Technical Data

Gas pressure sintering equipment is particularly suitable for sintering ceramics or metals that are easily decomposed at high temperatures or cannot be sintered through standard sintering processes. Like hot sintering, there are no restrictions on the waiting parts or geometric shapes during this process, providing a favorable choice for more expensive HIP processes.


Our pneumatic sintering furnace can be equipped with an integrated thermal expansion meter, which can measure shrinkage and shrinkage rate during the sintering cycle. The measurement data obtained here is used for process control.


A workload of 1 to 500 liters can be achieved at 2200 Celsius and 10 Mpa (in N2 and Ar).


A pressure sintering furnace is used to produce the following materials or components:

Sintered silicon nitride and silicon aluminum oxide nitrogen polymer materials with good mechanical properties (such as cutting tools, turbocharger engines, engine components)

Silicon carbide ceramics (high mechanical stress parts under corrosive conditions, etc.)

Superalloys (mechanical stress components for high-temperature applications)

Hard metals in special sintered carbide with lower cobalt content exhibit optimal mechanical properties and higher quality.

General composite materials are mainly used in the automotive industry to produce SSN batch parts.

G series Gas pressure sintering furnace


ModelHeaterStructureLoadingChamber Size(mm)Operating Temperature (℃)
Heating Power (Kw)Ultimate Vaccum (Pa)Application
G2GR20/10 PVSgr 20/20-2000GRVerticalTop Loadingφ200×20020005010
Gas pressure Sintering/Partial pressure/DegreasingVertical, 10MPa Gas pressure furnace, heating rate 20°C/min, 
G2GR20/1PHSgr-20/20/30-2000GRHorizontaI Side Loading 200×200×3002000506.7*10-3Gas pressure Sintering/Vacuum Sintering/DegreasingHorizontal, 1MPa Gas pressure, Vacuum Integrated Furnace , Heating rate 20°C/min,
G2GR20/P/1 PHSgr-20/20/30-2000GRHorizontalSide Loading  200×200×3002000506.7*10-3Gas pressure Sintering/Hot Pressing Sintering/Vacuum SinteringHorizontal, 1MPa Gas pressure, 300 KN Hot pressing Hydraulic pressure , Vacuum Integrated Furnace , Heating rate 20°C/min,


Stainless Steel Bases Cemented Carbide(WC、TiC) 

High Gravity Alloy(W-Ni-Fe、W-Ni-Cu、W-Ni-Cu-Fe) 

Magnetic Material(NdFeB、FeO·Fe2O3)


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