H series Laboratory Vacuum Hydrogen Furnace

Good Safety Performance / Temperature Uniformity / Fast Heating Speed /High Temperature Control Accuracy

Vacuum molybdenum strip hydrogen furnace is a vacuum resistance furnace that uses molybdenum strips as heating elements. It is mainly used for high-temperature sintering of ceramics, hard alloys, composite materials, etc. in vacuum or protective atmosphere. It can also be used

for high-temperature heat treatment of metal materials under high vacuum conditions or degassing treatment of precious metal materials. The structural design of this equipment is advanced and reasonable,

and the design and manufacturing comply with corresponding national and industry standards and specifications, which can meet the user's usage requirements. Its supporting products and components have international advanced level and can adapt to long-term, stable, safe,

and reliable production needs. The energy-saving effect of the equipment is good. Convenient and simple to use, operate, and maintain, with a beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, and excellent after-sales service.

Technical Data

The furnace body adopts a vertical structure, and the columnar structure of

the furnace liner ensures uniform airflow distribution and uniform service life. The outer shell material is made of double-layer SUS304 stainless steel material; The heating element adopts molybdenum strip with excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures, and its surface load is determined within a reasonable range. The furnace body adopts a vertical structure, which has fast heat transfer, easy maintenance and replacement, and is fast;

Fast heating: heating rate of 10°C/minute (≤1400°C);

Good design optimization: The thermal field of the heating chamber has been simulated and calculated in thermal state, with very high temperature uniformity. The configured heating elements and insulation layer are designed with modular optimization;

This equipment has the characteristics of low investment, low operating cost, simple installation, convenient use and maintenance, high safety performance, and good adjustment performance;

High safety: equipped with fault alarms such as over temperature and pressure, mechanical automatic pressure protection, action interlocking and other functions, ensuring high equipment safety.

H series Laboratory Vacuum Hydrogen Furnace


SeriesNo.Operating temperature  (°C)HeaterChamber Size (mm)External Dimentions (mm)GW (Kg)Ultimate Vaccum (Pa)Application
H2 Hydrogen furnaceH2MO131300Molybdenum strip200×200×3001425×1550×185013006.7*10-4Reduction/Annealing/Brazing
H2MO161600Molybdenum rod200×200×3001425×1550×185013006.7*10-4Reduction/Annealing/Sintering
H2W202000Tungsten strip200×200×3001425×1550×185013006.7*10-4Reduction/Annealing/Sintering
H2W232300Tungsten strip200×200×3001425×1550×185013006.7*10-4Reduction/Annealing/Sintering


Equipment for annealing and purifying metal parts used for ceramic sintering or metalization, brazing, and sealing of glass parts.

Mainly used for heat treatment of tool steel, mold steel, high-speed steel,

ultra-high strength steel, magnetic materials, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and other materials in a hydrogen atmosphere.


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