The Working Principle of the Vacuum Furnace and Precautions.

Mar. 15, 24

The vacuum furnace is simple to use, reliable in operation, highly resistant to interference, stable in control, easy to adjust and aesthetically suitable. It has an automatic power-off function when the furnace door is opened, which guarantees the safety of the user to the greatest extent. The whole equipment has small heat storage in the furnace chamber, fast temperature rise, large adjustment range of temperature rise and fall rate and obvious energy saving effect compared with ordinary heavy refractory furnace chamber.

How does a vacuum furnace work?


The working principle of the vacuum tube type experimental electric furnace is: the use of quartz or corundum tube as a sealed container, the choice of stainless steel sealing flange, so that the quartz or corundum tube to meet the conditions of sealing, at the same time can be very convenient to take the experimental materials.


When using the vacuum tube type experimental furnace, simply put the experimental material into the quartz tube or corundum tube, seal the quartz tube or corundum tube through the stainless steel flange, through the vacuum pump or flange on the reserved air inlet, extract the quartz tube or corundum tube gas or pass into the specific atmosphere, in the quartz tube or corundum tube heating to meet the requirements of the experiment.


Vacuum tube type experimental furnace in the atmosphere, it is recommended that the first pre-pumping vacuum, and then into the corresponding atmosphere, such as conditions allow, it is best to repeat several times, so that in the experiment, high temperature furnace tube atmosphere will be higher purity.


Haoyue Vacuum Tube Furnace

Vacuum tube furnace use of precautions.


1.The working environment requires no flammable and corrosive gases, prohibit the direct injection of various liquids and molten metal into the furnace chamber, and often keep the furnace chamber clean.


2.The use of the furnace chamber temperature shall not exceed the maximum furnace temperature, and shall not work under the rated temperature for a long time. During the experiment, the user shall not leave, always pay attention to the change of temperature, if abnormalities are found, the power shall be disconnected immediately and overhauled by professional maintenance personnel.


3.The furnace door should be closed and opened lightly to prevent damage to the machine. When putting the crucible clamp to take the sample, hold it gently to ensure safety and avoid damage to the furnace chamber.


4.Do not open the furnace door after the temperature exceeds 600 °C. Wait for the temperature in the furnace chamber to cool naturally before opening the door.


5.After the experiment is completed, the sample is removed from the heating and the power is switched off. When placing the sample in the furnace chamber, the door should be slightly opened and the sample should be taken after it has cooled down a little before it is carefully clamped to prevent burns.


6.After heating, the crucible should be transferred to a desiccator for cooling and placed on a buffer refractory material to prevent moisture absorption and frying, and then weighed.


7.When handling the vacuum tube furnace, pay attention to avoid serious resonance and place away from flammable and explosive, water...etc. It is strictly forbidden to lift the furnace door to avoid damage to the door.

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