Custom Vacuum Furnace

As a manufacturer of custom vacuum furnaces, Haoyue offers a wide range of industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of steel and metal parts. From high-temperature furnaces to low-temperature furnaces, our heat treatment equipment can offer the main processes such as hardening, quenching, brazing, tempering, degassing, annealing, aging, stress relieving...

Our heat treatment furnaces all operate under vacuum, thus offering the best results on high value-added alloys, including titanium alloys, and aluminum alloys... See below our range of vacuum heat treatment furnaces for more information.

Besides thermal treatment, our custom vacuum furnace can also make thermochemical treatments depending on the chosen options. Check out our Process furnaces below to learn more about thermochemical treatment.

Custom Vacuum Furnace

A vacuum sintering furnace is a vacuum furnace with graphite or metal tungsten, molybdenum and coils as heating elements, with a temperature range of 1300-2600 ℃, It is used for sintering products of metal compounds, ceramics, inorganic compounds, etc. in vacuum or protective atmosphere. It can also be used for the heat treatment of metal materials handle. It is mainly used in capacitors, tantalum and other metals, alloy materials composed of refractory metals, ceramic materials, silicon carbide and nitriding High-temperature sintering of silicon can also be used for high-temperature heat treatment of metal materials under high vacuum conditions or degassing treatment of precious metal materials.

Custom Vacuum Furnace Technical Features

1. Full automatic control, multi-parameter recording and monitoring, friendly man-machine interface, stable operation.

2. Perfect intelligent linkage interlock protection system, effectively protecting the safety of personnel and equipment.

3.360°The heating elements are arranged in a circular shape to ensure uniform heating and improve heating efficiency.

4. The unique design of the air cooling system ensures the uniformity and rapidity of cooling, and greatly reduces heat treatment deformation.

5. Modular furnace design, easy maintenance.  Patented design with self-pressurization function to improve the quality of sintered products.

Custom Vacuum Furnace Application

It is used for vacuum sintering of metal powder products, wire mesh products, ceramic cemented carbide, new materials and composite materials. It is also used for high-temperature sintering of transparent ceramics, industrial ceramics and other metals, alloy materials composed of refractory metals and ceramic materials such as silicon carbide and silicon nitride.

Haoyue offers a range of vacuum furnaces to fit almost any application from our standard product line to Custom Vacuum Furnaces. Where a custom furnace is needed, Haoyue can produce a custom vacuum furnace to fit your specific application. We offer numerous pumping systems on our vacuum furnaces, their selection is based on the level of required ultimate vacuum, system gas load and chamber size. Contact us to discuss your application and the requirements.

Custom Vacuum Furnace

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