Direct Current Sintering Furnace

The Direct Current Sintering furnace uses high electrical current to rapidly heat a conductive tooling assembly under simultaneous uniaxial pressure inside of a vacuum chamber. With no heating elements extremely rapid heating and cooling of the sample is possible, enabling high-density materials to be sintered with ultra-fine or even nano-sized grain structures.

Haoyue Direct Current Sintering furnaces are used in both research and development as well as the industry of specialized materials. The rapidly precisely controlled high temperature coupled with high applied force in the sintering process creates a high-density material needed for special applications not obtainable with other processes.

All Direct Current Sintering furnaces feature state-of-the-art compact power supplies to deliver the high currents required for rapid heating. Our standard units have a maximum temperature of 2,500°C. Laboratory units (DCS 10 and 25) are equipped with pulsed and continuous DC power capabilities as standard. Larger industrial units operate with continuous DC as standard and pulsed DC available as an option. All systems feature an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and state-of-the-art hydraulic controls for fully automatic operation.

The sintering system is also upgradeable with a variety of options, including; gas-quenching for rapid cooling, glovebox integration for hazardous materials, and high-vacuum pumps. Our sales team can answer any questions and help you determine the right system for your specific application. Send us an inquiry to be connected with an appropriate sales team member

Direct Current Sintering Furnace

Standard Direct Current Sintering furnace Features

Maximum Pressing Temperature: 2,500°C

Vacuum (10^-3 Torr range) and Inert gas (Ar, He, N2) operation.

Fully automatic operation by PLC and touchscreen HMI.

Simultaneous temperature and pressure control.

Thermocouple and Pyrometer-based temperature control.

Rapid vacuum cycling: typical <10min

Water flow and furnace overtemperature system protection

Common Optional Upgrades

Increased throughput vacuum pump

High vacuum pumps (Diffusion, Turbo, Cryo)

Glovebox integration for reactive or hazardous materials

Gas quenching systems for rapid cooling

Combustible gas safety system (Hydrogen, Methane, etc.)

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