S series Spark Plasma Continuous Sintering (SPS) System

Vacuum atmosphere furnace in the design process,must guarantee the sealing of the furnace section better vacuum furnace atmosphere furnace shell adopts continuous weld, oven door and doorcase contact surface machining, all holes have a sealing device, a former room and room, after the fire shade and explosion-proof device.Contact us to get more details about the Vacuum atmosphere furnace.

Features of Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace:

1.It is heated by silicon molybdenum rod, specially designed for sintering and heat treatment of materials in inert atmosphere and oxidizing atmosphere.

2,It's suitable for various heat treatment of special ceramics, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, functional ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, rare earth materials, PTC materials, trichromatic phosphors, polishing powders, metals and other materials. 

3.The equipment is beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure and easy to use. 

Application of Vacuum Atmosphere Furnaces:

These vacuum atmosphere furnaces are designed for accurate air/inert gas flow rate control, accurate temperature control, excellent temperature uniformity, long lasting performance and safe operations. 

This vacuum atmosphere furnace is ideal for vacuum atmosphere brazing, sintering, surface treatment, thermal heat treatment and high temperature material process including stainless steel, titanium, aerospace material, silicon carbide wafer, other metals and ceramics.

It is an ideal product for powder sintering, ceramic sintering, high temperature experiment and quality inspection in universities, scientific research institutes and industrial and mining enterprise.Get a quote.

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