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Difusion welding refers to a solid-state welding method in which a workpiece is pressurized at a high temperature, but does not produce visible deformation and relative movement. Difusion welding is especially suitable for the joining of dissimilar metal materials, heat-resistant alloys and new materials such as ceramics, intermetallic compounds, composite materials, etc., especially for materialsthat are difficult to weld by fusion welding methods, difusion welding has obvious advantages and has attracted more and more attention.

Technical Data

A vacuum diffusion welding furnace is a large-scale heat treatment equipment, that can compile a number of different procedures, can be controlled and programmed into the hundreds of heat treatment curve points distributed in six temperature zones, vacuum brazing, vacuum annealing, vacuum aging and other processing can be performed. There are multi-point and single-point temperature recorders and over-temperature protection equipment, temperature balance can be controlled within a constant temperature range, reproduced with high-purity nitrogen high-flow strong cold equipment.

Diffusion welding can weld almost all metals or non-metals without reducing the performance of the welded material, as the substrate does not overheat or melt. It is particularly suitable for fusion welding and other materials that are difficult to weld, such as active metals, heat-resistant alloys, ceramics, and composite materials. For the same type of material with poor plasticity or high melting point, as well as dissimilar materials that are immiscible or produce brittle intermetallic compounds during fusion welding, diffusion welding is a more suitable welding method. The diffusion welded joint has good quality, and its microstructure and properties are similar or identical to the base metal. 

D series Industrial Vacuum Diffusion Welding Furnace

There are no fusion welding defects, overheating structure, and heat-affected zones in the weld seam. Welding parameters are easy to precisely control, and joint quality and performance are stable during mass production. Welding parts have high accuracy and small deformation. Due to the low pressure applied during welding, the workpiece is mostly heated as a whole and cooled with the furnace, resulting in minimal overall plastic deformation of the welded part. The welded workpiece is generally not subjected to mechanical processing.

It is possible to weld large-section workpieces with relatively low welding pressure, so the tonnage of equipment required for large-section welding is not high, making it easy to achieve. It can weld workpieces with complex structures, difficult-to-access joints, and significant thickness differences, and can simultaneously weld many joints in the assembled parts.  Fast cooling speed: optional with a fast cooling system under gas pressure of 2 bar to 10 bar, ensuring fast cooling and efficient operation of the workpiece after hot pressing. Request a free quote.

The advantages of vacuum diffusion welding furnace:

● Low welding temperature and wide range of applicable materials. During diffusion welding, the matrix does not melt or overheat, which can realize the connection of materials that are difficult to achieve by other methods.

● High welding strength and good joint quality. The structure and performance of the welded joint are close to the base material, and the quality of the joint is stable.

● The welding process is irreplaceable. Components with complex structures and large thickness differences can be welded, and multiple welds can be welded at the same time.

● Small welding deformation, suitable for the manufacture of structure-function integrated precision products.

The main process factors affecting vacuum diffusion welding

● Temperature: affects the rate of atomic diffusion, which in turn affects the strength of the weld joint, generally 0.5 to 0.8 times the melting point of the material.

● Pressure: Expand the effective contact area of the substrate and promote the plastic deformation of the joint surface.

● Vacuum degree: degassing, anti-oxidation, and improving weldment performance.

● Diffusion time: Appropriate diffusion time helps to improve the uniformity of joint tissue.

Strict requirements for vacuum diffusion welding equipment:

● Sufficient effective heating interval

● High vacuum degree

● High-temperature control accuracy

● Good uniformity of furnace temperature

● High-pressure control accuracy

● The equipment is safe and reliable


A vacuum diffusion welding furnace is a solid-state welding process, in which the surface to be welded is subjected to a vacuum environment, a certain temperature range, and pressure to achieve relatively rapid atomic diffusion, thereby achieving metallurgical bonding.

No.ModelChamber SizeUltimate Vacuum            (Pa)Pressure (kN)Operating temperature (℃)Punch Qty.Cooling Gas


● Vacuum Diffusion Welding Furnace is especially suitable for small parts that require vacuum sealing, equal strength of joints and base metals, and no deformation. It is the only way to manufacture vacuum-sealed, heat-resistant,vibration-resistant, and deform-free joints, so it is widely used in industrial production. Diffusion welding methods are used for the welding of metals and non-metals in electric vacuum equipment,and the welding of cemented carbide, ceramics, high-speed steel and carbon steel in cutting tools.

● Various titanium alloy components on supersonic aircraft are manufactured using the superplastic forming-diffusion welding method.

The joint performance of diffusion welding can be the same as that of the base metal, and it is especially suitable for welding dissimilar metal materials, non-metallic materials such as graphite and ceramics, dispersion-strengthened superalloys, metal matrix composites and porous sintered materials.

● Vacuum Diffusion Welding Furnace has been widely used in the manufacture of reactor fuel elements, hydraulic pump wear parts, drilling rig oil shoe parts, corrosion-resistant parts, honeycomb structural plates, electrostatics, impellers, stamping dies, filter tubes, and electronic components.

Vacuum Diffusion Welding Furnace



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