Diffusion Bonding Furnace

This type of furnace encompasses high-vacuum diffusion bonding furnaces with heating elements made of graphite materials. They can be used for any materials that are compatible with diffusion bonding and are not particularly sensitive to carbon. 

The advantages: The furnaces are exceptionally robust and cost-effective.

Technical Data

Technical Features

It has good automation function, perfect safety protection function, reliable structure, high vacuum degree, long service life of heater, good temperature uniformity, stable pressurization, etc

Vacuum diffusion welding technology is a kind of welding method, which is carried out in vacuum, and the weldments are closely bonded. Under the appropriate temperature and pressure (workpiece bonding pressure), it is maintained for a period of time, so that the atoms between the contact surfaces are diffused, so as to form a connection. 

Vacuum diffusion technology can be used for welding of dissimilar metals, ceramic / metal dissimilar materials, etc.


Working Zone:300mm×300mm×600mm
Max. output pressure:40T
Pressure regulation range:0.4-40T
Pressure accuracy:≤±1℃
Heating Rate:10 ℃ / min (50kg load, furnace temperature)
Max Temp:1600℃
Pressure rising rate:10 ℃ / min (50kg load, furnace temperature)
Limit vacuum (no load, clean, dry):≤1x10-4Pa
Time to reach working vacuum:≤40min
Axis parallelism of upper and lower indenter:≤0.1min
Z-axis stroke:50mm
Displacement accuracy:0.05mm
Coaxiality of upper and lower indenters:≤1mm


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