G5 Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace

Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace means that the sintering process is carried out at low pressure first, then the material is sintered under normal pressure and finally sintered at high pressure (the result is to further increase the fatigue state of the material and quickly eliminate the stress in the material), After the high temperature and high pressure sintering process, the mechanical properties (hardness, strength, toughness, etc.) of the materials are better than those of the ordinary sintering process.

Technical Data

1. The equipment is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of class 3 pressure vessel standards, and 16MnR or 304 furnace shell is adopted.

2. The door lock of the furnace is a bolt or tooth meshed quick release flange, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

3. The furnace cover is lifted and lowered by electro-hydraulic method, which is easy to operate and reduces labor intensity.

4. The insulation material in the furnace is carbon deposition composite hard felt, and the heating element is graphite imported from Germany.

5. The temperature measuring element adopts the ultra-high temperature protective tube developed by our company, which is matched with tungsten rhenium thermocouple, and the service life of thermocouple wire is up to half a year.

6. The control system is plc+ touch screen, with complete safety interlock protection and alarm functions.

7. The high-pressure valves and pipelines are all American "Swagelok" brand or equivalent imported products, which are safe and reliable.


Dimension of usable space200×200×400mm
Max. loading weight60KG
Total power100KW
Max. designing pressure10MPa
Max. working pressure9.8MPa
Max. designing temperature1600℃
Max. working temperature1550℃
Temperature controlOne zone
High temperature uniformity≤±5℃
Max. heating up speed (without loading)10℃/min(≤1200℃);
Max. heating up speed(with loading)9℃/min(≤1000℃);
Max. Vacuum≤ 2Pa(2.0×10-2 torr), tested in cold and clean chamber
Leak rate≤ 2Pa/h, tested in cold and clean chamber
Pumping speed≤20 min., pumping to 5Pa in cold and clean chamber
Wax collecting rate≥98﹪(Paraffin as the binder)
Cooling(with loading)(Inlet cooling water ≤30℃, chamber pressure 9bar)From 1450 ℃ to 100℃, 3~4h
Weight of furnace body≈5Ton
Total weight≈9Ton


  • Oxide Ceramics

  • Transparent Ceramics

  • Silicon Nitride

  • Cemented Carbide

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