High Temperature Brazing Furnace

It is mainly suitable for vacuum brazing of stainless steel, superalloy, cemented carbide, nonferrous metals and other materials

Technical Data

Technical Features

  • Horizontal, single chamber structure design, square or circular heating chamber structure;

  • The maximum temperature can reach 2000 ℃;

  • Heating element with patented structure;

  • A temperature measuring thermocouple feeding device with patent structure;

  • The double layer sealing structure of temperature control thermocouple with patent structure.


TypeHeating Zone size(mm)Capacity(kg)Heating ElmentHeating Power(KW)Max Temp(℃)Temp.Unifomity(±℃)Max.Vacuum(Pa)Pressure rise rate(Pa/h)


Widely used in the welding and other bright heat treatment of stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, ceramics and other bright parts widely used in automobile, diesel engine, aviation, aerospace, air conditioning and refrigeration, gas water heater, electronics, microwave magnetron and other industries

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