Vacuum High Temperature Brazing Furnace

It is mainly used in high temperature vacuum brazing of titanium alloy, stainless steel, cemented carbide,superalloy and nonferrous metal materials.

Technical Data

Horizontal, single chamber structure design, square or circular heating chamber structure;

The highest temperature can reach 1300 ℃;

Heating element with patented structure;

Temperature thermocouple feeding device with patented structure;

Double layer sealing structure of temperature control thermocouple with patent structure.


Active workspace(mm) 300 x 300x400 400 x 400x600 500 x 500x700  600 x 600x900 800 x 800x1200 
Charging capacity100kg200kg300kg500kg1000kg
heating power40KW65KW85KW120KW240KW
maximum temperature1300℃
Temperature uniformity±5℃
Limit vacuum≤8x10-4 Pa 
Pressure rise rate <0.67Pa/h
Aircooled pressure<2bar
Hot chamber structureRound/square
Hot chamber materialMo La alloy
control mode Manual / automatic


Widely used in automobile, diesel engine, aviation, aerospace, air conditioning refrigeration, gas water heater, electronics, microwave magnetron and other industries of stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, ceramics and other parts of brazing and other bright heat treatment.


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