New Desigen P2-16 Vacuum Hot-Pressing Sintering Furnace

Vacuum Hot-Pressing Sintering Furnace combines vacuum/atmosphere, hot press forming and high temperature sintering, suitable for high temperature thermoforming of new materials such as powder metallurgy and functional ceramics, such as applied to the transparent ceramics, industrial ceramics, and alloys composed of refractory metals. Vacuum sintering of materials and high temperature sintering of ceramic materials such as silicon carbide and silicon nitride, can also be used for heat treatment of powders or compacts at temperatures below the melting point of the main components, with the aim of increasing the strength by metallurgical bonding between the particles.

Technical Data

1 The furnace body adopts the circular vacuum tank design, all of which is made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant.

2 The design of the circular vacuum furnace ensures good air tightness of the chamber and has high pressure resistance.

3 Furnace material is made of high-quality poly-crystalline alumina fiber by vacuum adsorption, saving 50% energy and has a uniform temperature field.

4 Advanced automatic control and reliable safety interlock: Adopt computer to realize automatic control of temperature and action process, PLC safety interlock. It has sound and light alarm and interlock function such as over-pressure and over-temperature.


Multifunctional Furnace for Vacuum Hot Pressing Sintering
Equipment FormHorizontal
Loading methodHorizontal side loading
Heating ElementGraphite Plate
Working Temperature1500℃
Max.Vacuum8.0×10-3Pa(8.0×10-5 torr)
Temperature Accuracy±1℃
Temperature uniformity±5℃
Pressure Rise Rate≤2.0Pa/h
Cooling Water RequirementWater pressure: 0.2~0.3MPa, water flow: 10M3/ h
Power RequirementThree-phase / 380V;
Total power: 60KVA (including vacuum furnace power, vacuum generator power, cooling water power, etc.)
Technical parameters of hot pressing sintering (the use of vacuum hot pressing)
Maximum Outside Diameter of Moldφ160x160mm(DxH)
Product Diameter≤φ60mm
Diameter of metal headφ85mm
Max Displacement100mm
Pressing DirectionSingle way pressurization ( bottom )
Technical parameters of vacuum sintering (the use of vacuum sintering)
Maximum Heat Area Size180x200x250mm(WxHxL)
Effective Zone160x160x160mm(WxHxL)
Burnt Plate Size160x160mm(WxL)
Equipment External Dimensions1500x2000x1500mm(WxHxL)
Equipment Weight1.78Ton


Silicon nitride, mixed ceramics of Al2O3, TiC/TiN and sialon for cutting tools, components of heavy-duty valves, bearings, wear parts for process technology.


PLZT (lead-lanthan-zircon-titanate) and other high developed functional ceramic (O2 atmosphere).


Boron carbide (B4C) for extremely wear resistant parts and armors.


SiC whisker reinforced Al2O3 for cutting tools.


MMC and CMC materials, composite materials.


Sputter target & diffusion welding.

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