Chinese Manufacturer P6 Vacuum Hot-Pressing Sintering Furnace

Vacuum Hot-Pressing Sintering Furnace combines vacuum/atmosphere, hot press forming and high temperature sintering, suitable for high temperature thermoforming of new materials such as powder metallurgy and functional ceramics, such as applied to the transparent ceramics, industrial ceramics, and alloys composed of refractory metals. Vacuum sintering of materials and high temperature sintering of ceramic materials such as silicon carbide and silicon nitride, can also be used for heat treatment of powders or compacts at temperatures below the melting point of the main components, with the aim of increasing the strength by metallurgical bonding between the particles.

Technical Data

1 Maximum Heating Temperature: 2300℃

2 Horizontal design with front-open chamber ensures easy loading and removal of mold.

3 Vacuum (10^-3 Pa range) and Inert gas (Ar, He, N2) operation.

4 Fully automatic operation by PLC and touchscreen HMI.

5 Simultaneous temperature and pressure control.

6 Temperature control system based on thermocouple and infrared thermometer.

7 Water flow and furnace over-temperature system protection


P6 Vacuum Hot-Pressing Sintering Furnace
Equipment FormHorizontal
Loading methodHorizontal side loading
Heating ElementGraphite
Working Temperature2200℃
Temperature Accuracy±1℃
Maximum Outside Diameter of Moldφ600x900mm(D*H)
Product Diameter≤φ300mm
Diameter of metal headφ300mm
Max Displacement400mm
Pressing DirectionSingle way pressurization ( bottom )
Ultimate Vacuum5Pa/8.0x10-3Pa(8.0×10-2 torr/8.0×10-5 torr)Optional
Pressure Rise Rate≤2.0Pa/h
Cooling Water RequirementWater pressure: 0.2~0.3MPa, water flow: 20~50M3/ h


Transparent Ceramics, Industrial Ceramics

Transparent Ceramics, Industrial Ceramics

Refractory Metal 

Cemented Carbide 

Diffusion bonding of metals or other materials

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