Double Chamber Vacuum Oil Quenching Pressurized Air Cooling Furnace

Vacuum quenching refers to the smooth quenching of parts. The quenching and cooling of parts are carried out in the vacuum furnace, and the quenching medium is mainly gas (such as inert gas), water and vacuum quenching oil. Vacuum quenching has been widely used in the quenching of various carburizing steels, alloy tool steels, high speed steels and stainless steels, as well as the solution treatment of various aging alloys and hard magnetic alloys.

There are two kinds of quenching in vacuum: gas quenching and liquid quenching. Gas quenching is that the workpiece is heated in vacuum and then cooled by high purity neutral gas (such as nitrogen) in the cooling chamber. High speed steel and high carbon and high chromium steel are suitable for gas quenching. Liquid quenching is to heat the workpiece in the heating chamber, move it to the cooling chamber, fill it with high purity nitrogen, and immediately send it to the quenching oil tank for rapid cooling. If high surface quality is needed, tempering and precipitation hardening after vacuum quenching and solution heat treatment should still be carried out in vacuum furnace.

Technical Data

1.Flexible control mode, man-machine interface,stable operation.

2.Intelligent interlock protection alarm system can effectively protect the safety of personnel and equipment.

3.360°The heating elements are arranged in a circular shape to ensure uniform heating and improve heating efficiency.

4.The three-stage telescopic charging car in the furnace is controlled by frequency conversion, with stable operationand controllable transfer time.

5.The unique design of oil cooling system and low pressure aircooling system ensures the uniformity and rapidity ofcooling, and greatly reduces the deformation of workpiece.


Active workspace(mm)400 x400x600500 x500x700600x600 x900700 x700x1000800x800x1200900 x900x1500
Charging capacity150kg300kg500kg750kg1000kg1200kg
heating power65KW85KW120KW160KW220KW300KW
Oil tank volume2000L3500L5500L9000L11000L13000L
maximum temperature1300℃
Temperature uniformity≤±5℃
Limit vacuum≤4x10-1Pa OR ≤8x10-3 Pa 
Pressure rise rate<0.67Pa/h
Aircooled pressure<2bar
Cooling gasN2/Ar
Heating chamber structureRound / octagonal
control modeManual /  automatic


Vacuum heat treatment of alloy structural steel, bearing steel, spring steel, high speed steel, cold and hot working die steel, martensitic stainless steel, elastic alloy, superalloy, magnetic material and titanium alloy, etc.


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