S series Continuous SPS Spark Plasma Sintering System

High Production Efficiency / High Automation Program / Good Temperature Uniformity / Fast Heating Speed / High Pressure Accuracy / Good Safety Performance

The SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering) discharge plasma sintering system is one of the most advanced sintering systems in the world today. It is a new rapid sintering technology that applies pulse current and axial pressure between two electrodes for powder sintering densification. It has distinct characteristics such as fast heating rate, short sintering time, controllable microstructure, energy conservation and environmental protection. It can be used to prepare metal materials, ceramic materials, composite materials, as well as nano bulk materials, amorphous bulk materials, gradient materials, etc..

Technical Data

Due to the discharge effect caused by the application of DC pulse current during the SPS process, there are several unique characteristics: 

By adopting a multi station design, continuous production can be achieved, resulting in a doubling of effciency.

It can quickly heat up and cool down, signiÿcantly shorten production time, and reduce production costs (with a heating rate of up to 200°C/min);

Compared to traditional sintering processes, materials with more uniform, denser, and smaller grain sizes can be obtained in a shorter time; 

No need for powder preforming, it can be directly sintered into a dense body;

We adopt our professional DC pulse power supply technology, which has fast sintering speed, stability and reliability, and good energy-saving effect; 

High pressure accuracy: Adopting a servo pressure control system, the pressure accuracy is ±3‰;

High degree of automation: If an automatic loading and unloading system is selected, all processes can be fully automated, digitized, intelligent, and without the need for manual intervention;

Good safety performance: Adopting HMI+PLC+PID pressure sensing control, safe and reliable; Good sealing performance: The dynamic pressure heads are sealed with corrugated pipes to ensure no air leakage.

S series Industrial Continuous SPS Spark Plasma Sintering System


Specifications & Parameters

ModelDevice FormSample Dia. (mm)Pressure (kN)Ultimate Vaccum (Pa)Max. Heating Power (kW)Current (A)
Voltage (V)Operating Temperature (°C)


Sintered nanomaterial without significant grain growth

FGM (Functionally Graded Materials); Composite materials; Innovative carbide metals; Aluminum and copper alloys as well as intermetallic compounds


Structural and functional ceramics; Electronic Materials; Sputtering target material; Bioma materials; Porous materials; Magnetic materials


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