Advantages of Vacuum Hardening

Oct. 23, 23

Removing air from the environment during the hardening process usually leads to better, more predictable results. In a vacuum hardening process, the heat treatment of the metal is performed in a vacuum. Vacuum quenching has been widely used for quenching various carburized sheets of steel, alloy tool steels, high-speed steels, and stainless steels, as well as for solution treatment of various aging alloys and hard magnetic alloys. This article will take you through the benefits of vacuum hardening in hardening metals in detail.

Advantages of Vacuum Hardening

1. Avoid oxidation

Oxidation is not only the cause of metal rusting, but also weakens the metal. Oxidation in a non-vacuum hardening process will make the metal surface duller and rougher, and soft spots or cracks will appear. With the vacuum heat treatment process, on the other hand, the metal does not come into contact with any harmful oxygen. 

2. Keeping the color

Discolored or scalded metal usually results in unsaleable products. This is very costly for companies. In many heat treatment processes, trace amounts of trace elements in the metal are exposed, resulting in destructive reactions. But in a vacuum, the source of scalding and discoloration has been completely eliminated and there are no impurities that can cause scalding or discoloration of the metal. 

3. Better quality

When metals are treated with vacuum processes, they become harder and more resistant to corrosion, as well as having higher tensile strength, shear strength, ductility and elasticity. 

This makes vacuum-hardened metal tools suitable for a wider range of applications and will withstand more use.

4. Higher efficiency

The vacuum method allows for very rapid heating and cooling, so you can get the results you want faster. Once the process is complete, the part or tool is ready for the next step in the molding process.

Instead of waiting for the metal to be ready for the next step, you can get the final product much faster with the vacuum hardening process.

5. Environmentally friendly

Metal treatment processes are usually accompanied by many hazards. However, vacuum heating does not use any flammable gases or any health hazards. 

Therefore, vacuum hardening does not cause pollution and is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of metal treatment.

In addition, vacuum quenching is quite safe and stable compared to some methods of treating metals.

If you want to try the vacuum hardening process, we can help. As a professional heat treatment supplier, we offer the complete production process.

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