Spark Plasma Sintering Machine Price

Spark Plasma Sintering Machine is a new material preparation technology with fast heating, short sintering time, high density of materials, controllable impressed pressure and sintering atmosphere. Compared with traditional technology, it has many advantages and characteristics such as fast, low temperature, energy saving, environmental protection, etc., and mainly uses discharge plasma for sintering.

As an advanced sintering process, Haoyue sintering can continuously provide discharge sparks to further improve sintering efficiency and quality.  Moreover, the Haoyue sintering furnace power supply design is more compact and can be applied to the sintering of large-sized workpiece samples as well as small multi-cavity component sample preparation. The Haoyue system can produce better materials than traditional sintering equipment while having a shorter experimental time and experimental cost.

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Spark Plasma Sintering Machine Price

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Spark Plasma Sintering Machine Price

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