Vacuum Heat Treatment Series

How Vacuum Heat Treatment Works

Vacuum heat treatment is a method of hardening metals at extremely high temperatures in the absence of air. It uses a vacuum that has an absolute pressure below that of the normal atmosphere, creating an unreactive environment. During vacuum heat treatment, the metal parts go into a tightly sealed treatment chamber where a vacuum pumping system removes as much of the air as possible so that there is nothing left to react with the metal. It is then heated up to as much as 2,400°F/1316°C at a controlled rate before the temperature is lowered. 

Vacuum Heat Treatments

Our large-capacity vacuum furnaces have a variety of quench gases including nitrogen, argon, helium and hydrogen, offering a wide range of vacuum services:



Pressure Quenching

Solution Treating

Type of Vacuum Treatment


Vacuum brazing helps you connect two metal pieces in a smooth, flawless joint. Our brazing service heats your metal components just below their melting points. Special filler metal is then melted and used to join the two pieces together in a smooth, dependable joint.


Tempering can also benefit from the use of our vacuum furnace. Tempering requires incredibly precise heating and rapid cooling. This process, also known as quenching, creates hard steel that can withstand extreme applications. Your steel products are then gradually reheated to balance out the hardness with greater levels of ductility, depending on your needs.


Create blades and cutting tools that retain their sharpness for longer with vacuum annealing. This process is a popular technique for creating blades, so you can see why it’s useful in other applications. Both the heating and cooling are carefully controlled to align the grains of your metal piece to achieve optimal levels of hardness without becoming brittle.


Vacuum carburizing is a dependable way to improve low-carbon steel so that it’s tougher and more durable. Use carburizing for your aerospace, rail or automotive components. Balance durability and machinability to prevent excess wear on your production equipment.


We offer gas nitriding in our vacuum furnace to create hard, corrosion-resistant components. Avoid the toxic nature of liquid-based nitriding and enjoy minimal or no distortion on your components. Our nitriding services can increase fatigue strength and hardness, while the vacuum system creates a clean work atmosphere.

Interested in Vacuum Heat Treatment Solutions?

If you would like to try a vacuum heat treatment process but are unable to invest in the space and equipment required, we can help. Shanghai Haoyue Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the professional Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace Manufacturers, contact us today to learn more about our innovative vacuum systems.

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