P series P7 Vacuum Hot-Pressing Sintering Furnace(Induction)

Good Design Optimization / Temperature Uniformity / Fast Heating Speed / High Pressure Accuracy / Good Safety Performance

A vacuum hot pressing furnace is a complete set of equipment that forms materials by hot pressing under vacuum (or other atmosphere) conditions, Mainly using induction heating, the pressure head driven by the oil cylinder pressurizes up and down. At high temperatures, the raw material. The mutual bonding of solid particles leads to grain growth, and the number of voids (pores) and grain boundaries gradually decreases. The transfer of matter results in a total volume contraction, an increase in density, and ultimately becomes a material with a certain microstructure, Dense polycrystalline sintered body, thereby compressing the material into shape.

Technical Data

Adopting a vertical and upward opening structure: high precision for loading and unloading molds, easy to operate;

Fast heating: heating rate of 20°C/minute (<1600°C), heating rate of 10°C/minute (>1600°C); Design optimization is good: The thermal field of the pressurized chamber has been simulated and calculated under thermal conditions, with very high temperature uniformity and compatibility, The heating elements and insulation layer are designed with modular optimization;

Good temperature uniformity: The average temperature uniformity is ±5°C (measured at 5 points, with a constant temperature zone of 1000°C for 1 hour before testing);

High pressure accuracy: Using a hydraulic control system, the pressure accuracy is ˛ ±3%; Adopting multi temperature zone control: reserving multiple temperature measurement holes for high-temperature monitoring purposes;

Good safety performance: Adopting HMI+PLC+PID pressure sensing control, safe and reliable; Good sealing performance: The dynamic pressure heads are sealed with corrugated pipes to ensure no air leakage;

High degree of automation: Except for loading and unloading, all other processes are fully automated, digitized, intelligent, and do not require manual intervention.

P series P7 Vacuum Hot-Pressing Sintering Furnace(Induction)


No.ModelChamber Size(mm)Sample Dia. (mm)Pressure 
CapacityUltimate Vacuum (Pa)Operating Temperature (℃)Note
P7VCO23-IIVVPco-70/70-2300-II700*700300*250/4205000/600012*26.7*10-323001 for 2
P7VCO23-IIIVVPco-70/70-2300_III700*700300*250/4205000/600012*36.7*10-323001 for 3


Suitable for ceramic materials such as niobium oxide, silicon carbide, boron carbide, boron nitride, or graphene carbon, High temperature pressure sintering and densification powder metallurgy of Fiber and high-temperature alloy metal powder materials,High temperature hot forming of new materials such as gold and functional ceramics can also be used for powder or compact at low temperatures, Heat treatment at the melting point of the main components, with the aim of achieving metallurgical properties between particles combineto enhance its strength.

For example: brake discs made of iron and copper based powder materials for aircraft landing, bulletproof vests, armored vehicle protective plates, and

straight upgrade aircraft's bullet proof armor, etc.


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