Hot Press Sintering

Introducing Hot Press Sintering, the cutting-edge manufacturing process that utilizes a Hot Press Furnace to create high-performance and complex ceramic, metallic and composite materials.

Hot Press Sintering is a unique process that combines heat, pressure, and time to produce dense and durable materials. In this process, finely powdered materials are placed in a mold and subjected to intense pressure and heat inside a Hot Press Furnace, which is capable of reaching temperatures of up to 2000°C.

The Hot Press Furnace is the key component of this process, and it is designed to provide precise and uniform heating and pressure to the materials inside the mold. This results in materials with high density, excellent mechanical properties, and superior thermal and chemical resistance.

Hot Press Sintering is widely used in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical industries to create parts and components that are difficult or impossible to produce using conventional manufacturing methods. Examples include turbine blades, electronic substrates, cutting tools, and dental implants.

If you're looking for a reliable and efficient way to produce high-performance materials, Hot Press Sintering is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about our Hot Press Furnace and Hot Press Sintering services.

Hot Press Sintering

Standard Hot Press Furnace Product Features

Maximum Pressing Temperature: 2,500°C

Vacuum (10^-3 Torr range) and Inert gas (Ar, He, N2) operation.

Fully automatic operation by PLC and touchscreen HMI.

Simultaneous temperature and pressure control.

Thermocouple and Pyrometer-based temperature control.

Rapid vacuum cycling: typical <10min

Water flow and furnace overtemperature system protection

hot press sintering

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